Muirfield Investment Partners To Offer Real Estate Blockchain Tokens

Announcements, Blockchain, Innovation | May 15, 2018 By:

Blockchain firm AlphaPoint has teamed with private equity real estate investment firm Muirfield Investment Partners to offer investors a new way to invest in and gain exposure to US real estate.

AlphaPoint is a global financial technology company helping institutions make illiquid assets liquid. Through its secure, scalable, and customizable distributed ledger platform, the company enables customers to digitize assets as well as launch and operate markets.

Headquartered in Boston, Muirfield Investment Partners is focusing on opportunistic investments across all real estate sub-sectors. The company is leveraging blockchain technology to reinvent private equity investing. By utilizing blockchain technology, Muirfield is addressing key structural issues within the private equity industry, filling a market gap for crypto investors, and making private equity investing liquid and accessible to investors of all sizes and geographical location.

Under the partnership, Muirfield will utilize AlphaPoint’s newly launched Regulated Asset Backed TokenTM (RABT) framework to offer its investors a more easily tradeable way to participate in the property market. The token will be accessible to accredited investors under Regulation D of the Securities Act and to foreign investors under Regulation S of the Securities Act. It is expected to be available for investment later this year.

RABT, which was unveiled at CoinDesk’s Consensus 2018 conference in New York City, is a compliant tokenization framework for creating self-regulating, compliant tokens backed by real assets. The framework combines the benefits of public networks with regulatory controls to enable specific asset classes, including private shares, commodities, debt, securitized assets, and exclusive goods, to become digitized.

Only approved investors can hold RABT tokens, and issuers can enforce restrictions across primary offerings and secondary markets – including both peer-to-peer transfers and exchange – as well as enforce holding periods and complex rule-based transfer restrictions. RABT gives investors the opportunity to access previously opaque markets, as well as improved liquidity, with the ease of finding buyers and sellers, streamlined settlement, and smaller incremental transaction sizes.

“AlphaPoint’s technology is enabling Muirfield to launch the next generation of private equity investment vehicles – ones that address the well-known structural issues related to current private equity funds,” said Thomas J. Zaccagnino, Muirfield’s Founder. “By tokenizing a real estate investment vehicle, investors are, for the first time, able to freely trade their ownership on regulated secondary exchanges. As a result of this liquidity, Muirfield is now able to offer investors a superior private equity investment structure, one that is more liquid, appropriately structured, and improves alignments between investors and managers.”

“We are on the cusp of the next great wave of blockchain technology: tokenized securities,” said Salil Donde, AlphaPoint Chief Executive Officer. “Securitization of assets is about bringing benefits of the blockchain, benefits of tokenizing real-world assets, and creating massive opportunities by creating a marketplace to dramatically improve liquidity and the overall value of assets.”