Open Garden Hopes To Expand WiFi Connections with Decentralized ISP

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Open Garden has created a decentralized ISP, enabling everyone with an Internet connection to securely share their connectivity with other people, and earn cryptocurrency in exchange for sharing.

The company’s core technology is a secure WiFi mesh networking protocol. The Stellar Network powers the cryptocurrency transactions between users. Payments occur in Open Garden Tokens, called OG, which are Stellar Network assets. Everyone can buy or sell Internet connectivity with Open Garden; there’s no need to be a cryptocurrency expert.

By enabling anyone to become a micro-ISP for people around them, Open Garden increases the availability of affordable bandwidth. Open Garden’s encryption restores net neutrality, while preventing anyone – including ISPs or government agencies – from monitoring or selling your browser history.

To kickstart the initiative, Open Garden will be giving away up to one billion Open Garden tokens (OG) via an airdrop program. The tokens will be used to pay for connectivity at Open Garden WiFi hotspots all over the world.

CEO Paul Hainsworth answered a few questions on the system.

BLOCK TRIBUNE: You’re sharing connectivity, but your own data is secure?

PAUL HAINSWORTH:  Yes. Open Garden’s smartphone app creates a separate, secure WiFi network. There is no interaction between the Open Garden hotspot and the provider’s own personal or business WiFi network, other than backhaul connectivity. In addition, Open Garden is building VPN into its network protocol, so all traffic is encrypted from each individual client to any endpoint on the web. We expect Open Garden to actually become one of the most prolific VPN solutions globally.

BLOCK TRIBUNE: What IP address will register if the person posts to a web site or does something else?

PAUL HAINSWORTH: Before VPN is implemented, it will register as the host’s backhaul IP address (their cable or DSL modem, etc). After VPN is implemented, the IP address will be determined by the VPN exit node. This can be anywhere Open Garden is used, globally.

BLOCK TRIBUNE: How is the amount of tokens you gain rewarded – by the minute, or the number of uses, or…?

PAUL HAINSWORTH: Each Open Garden WiFi hotspot provider will set their own price per megabyte or gigabyte of traffic. They decide how much to charge, and the transaction (in OG) occurs directly between the provider and the clients. Open Garden is not a middleman, and does not take any cut of the transaction.

BLOCK TRIBUNE:  What will the range be on the connectivity and what determines the range?

PAUL HAINSWORTH: Each phone has different hardware, and functionality will differ based on the hardware + software configuration. If you’ve used your phone’s mobile hotspot functionality, you have a pretty good idea of what the range will be. Our dedicated WiFi hardware will be coming soon, though, so people will have a number of ways to share their connectivity with each other – through both smartphones and dedicated wireless access points.

BLOCK TRIBUNE:  Will you regulate content in any way?

PAUL HAINSWORTH: No. Open Garden isn’t interested in controlling or monitoring anyone’s behavior. In fact, one of the primary reasons we’re building Open Garden is because we believe in a free and open Internet, free of censorship and without surveillance or monitoring from snooping ISPs and government agencies.