Pornhub Begins Accepting Verge Cryptocurrency

Innovation, News | April 17, 2018 By:

Pornhub, one of the highest-trafficked sites on the Internet, will begin accepting the anonymous cryptocurrency Dogecoindark as payment for its services.

The site now accepts Verge cryptocurrency, a version of Dogecoindark, which split off from Dogecoin in 2014. Users can pay for Pornhub features that include premium content subscriptions and content on its sister sites Brazzers and Nutaku.

Verge is semi-anonymous, with anyone trying to trace transactions having to visit a public ledger and comparing known keys. But there is also a feature that offers total anonymity, including IP addresses and locations, by placing it on a P2P layer.

This is the second go-round for Pornhub with cryptocurrency. The site’s partners once accepted bitcoin in its early stages, but the main Pornhub site did not.