Starta Creates Blockchain Accelerator Program

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Starta Accelerator, a New York-based FinTech incubator, has launched “Token Rockets,” a new accelerator program for startups working with blockchain technology.

Starta Accelerator was created by Starta Capital VC fund, originally formed in Moscow. Starta Capital is one of the leading VC funds in Russia. It has received prestigious awards granted by the Russian Venture Capital Association, National Venture Industry Award, and National Association of Business Angels award. Starta Accelerator’s mission is to introduce startups with East European research and development roots to the US market.

Token Rockets is designed for startups whose business model is either based on, or can be improved by, blockchain technology. Tech startups from Eastern Europe will be able to implement or develop blockchain models within their businesses, as well as prepare and conduct a crowdfunding campaign to sell and distribute cryptographic tokens. The training will culminate in a crowdsale of cryptographic tokens for each of the startups, according to the official release.

For this initiative, Starta Accelerator has partnered with the Waves blockchain platform, as well as the Singapore-based Cross Coin.

“One of the options for developing such startups will be the introduction of tokens into the business model – for example, as a means of settlement between counterparties or participants in the ecosystem,” said Ekaterina Dorozhkina, Head of Starta Accelerator. “The final part of the program – the token sale – is not only a means of funding startups, but also an opportunity to form a circle of regular users interested in the development of the project and ready to give feedback about the product.”

“Blockchain technology can improve business processes and disrupt entire branches of the traditional economy,” said Sasha Ivanov, CEO of Waves. We will see significant progress in the coming years. Raising funds for the development of business in the cryptocurrency sector is another promising area for blockchain use. According to experts, startups have raised up to $1.2 billion in crowdfunding campaigns in the cryptocurrency market since the beginning of 2017 alone.”