Tierion unveils free API to anchor data in the blockchain

FinTech | June 1, 2016 By:

Tierion has announced the launch of its free high-performance API which can be used to anchor data in the blockchain.

The new Hash API can be used to generate proofs and audit trails while maintaining the privacy of the data. Currently, the Hash API is free for creating about 1000 per hour at the rate of about 3 records per second. However, if a business needs to process more records then the company is ready to offer a custom version of Hash API capable of processing much higher volumes.

The company’s new Hash API is built on blockchain to ensure the stability and security of the stored data. As the proof of storage of data on the blockchain, the company includes Blockchain Receipts for each record. The records have audit trail, which includes information about any changes or addition made to the records etc. The records can be easily retrieved and verified.

Tierion is a Hartford, Connecticut-based blockchain company.