Waves Tests Claim Blockchain Speeds in Throughput and Transactions Time

Announcements, FinTech | October 28, 2018 By:

Blockchain platform Waves recently ran a series of experiments to learn the true capacity of its blockchain. During load testing, more than 6.3 million transactions were submitted to the Waves MainNet, with a claimed throughput of more than 900 tx/sec and a transaction approval time of seconds.

Throughput limits are a major issue in the blockchain space, and a factor frequently cited by critics, with many blockchains incapable of dealing with more than single-digit tx/sec.

The final results of the stress test claimed by Waves:  

    • Test period: 24 hours
    • Total transactions: 6,373,401


  • 479,604 tx/hour (peak number)


  • 12,176 tx/min (peak number)
  • 911 tx/sec (peak number)

Waves claims the volume of transactions was processed without any disruption to the network’s regular load.  DEX orders, transfers, and token creation were unaffected.  

Waves was launched in 2016. In April, 2017, Waves created its DEX (decentralized exchange), a tool for trading popular cryptocurrencies. In late 2017, Waves-NG protocol was activated.