ZEBEDEE Integrates Bitcoin into Three More Gaming Classics from VIKER

Announcements, Blockchain, Innovation, News | July 26, 2022 By:

ZEBEDEE, a next-generation payment processor for the gaming industry, has extended its partnership with mobile games studio VIKER with the release of three classic games that now feature ZEBEDEE’s rewards mechanics based on the Bitcoin Lightning Network: Solitaire, Sudoku and Missing Letters (think Wordle).

ZEBEDEE’s ophisticated tools enable developers to create real economies in video games for developers, players and communities. ZEBEDEE erases the boundaries between real and virtual worlds by powering instant global payments of any size for any game or application through the Bitcoin Lightning Network.

Backed by Initial Capital, VIKER has successfully grown a global audience and their games have been downloaded more than 50 million times. Founded in 2019, VIKER’s vision is to take blockchain gaming to the masses via their own IP and collaborating with some of the world’s most recognized entertainment brands.

The partnership allows anyone to instantly win and withdraw real Bitcoin rewards simply by playing the games from VIKER, with no technical setup or prior knowledge of crypto needed. ZEBEDEE enables players to instantly accrue money from the game, allowing them to spend their earnings immediately online or in real life using ZEBEDEE’s own mobile app.

VIKER, a long-time partner of ZEBEDEE, has previously published a number of games that also leverage ZEBEDEE’s payment technology to give out free Bitcoin rewards to players, including Wheel of Trivia (iOS, Android), Amazeballs (iOS, Android), and Balls King (iOS, Android). The success of the partnership led to a similar approach for this new batch of time-tested favorites, most of which have seen years, even decades, of widespread popularity without much technological innovation or enhancement. Until now.

“These games are played literally by billions of people, for hundreds of hours over many years. But so far, none of them have been able to earn anything for their time. Why continue that, when we’re now in an era where games can reward you with more than just fun?” said Dan Beasley, Co-Founder of VIKER.

“We have the largest Play-and-Earn portfolio of casual games, with 500k players earning Bitcoin every month, while continuously releasing new games and enhancing the experience for our users. We believe VIKER can bridge the gap between gaming and crypto, through a seamless journey that enables anyone and everyone to have fun, earn money & safely enter the crypto world.”

“There is no better way to introduce next-generation Play-and-Earn mechanics to a broad gaming audience than to take the games people already know and love and refresh them with Bitcoin, seamlessly and unobtrusively. We’ve seen this work with a wide array of games on our platform, but this new slate of integrations is even more significant, as these titles have seen basically no meaningful innovation in many years,” said Simon Cowell, CEO at ZEBEDEE. “With the tools we’ve developed for use by progressive game studios like VIKER, even more players are now able to enjoy a more rewarding gameplay experience in the games they love.”

This latest ZEBEDEE-VIKER partnership continues the companies’ efforts to bring the benefits of Bitcoin-powered gaming to the masses. Boosts in key business metrics, such as user acquisition and retention, have proved that the unique approach to the Play-and-Earn model championed by ZEBEDEE is a cost-effective way to both attract and keep players without interrupting otherwise immersive experiences. “With over a third of the world’s population identifying as a gamer – whether behind the controller, keyboard or phone – there is no end in sight to how much farther this innovative partnership has left to run,” added Cowell.