Investoland Aims To Bring The Little Guy Into Tangible Assets

Blockchain, FinTech, Innovation, Investing | November 3, 2018 By:, a platform for alternative investments, has started an initial coin offering (ICO) to migrate its operations to the ethereum network

Big investment opportunities were always reserved for a few, an exclusion caused by bureaucratic barriers, minimum amounts of investment that were not very accessible to the average person, or even arbitrary societal aspects, depending on the country of residence.

Collective, crowdfunded investments aim to solve this problem, but are hampered by the inefficiencies of the traditional banking and financial system. Barriers, delays, and extra costs that end up being paid by both investors and entrepreneurs hinder innovation and the possibility of obtaining good returns. is an investment platform based in Latin America. It claims almost 60,000 investments made and a team of 30 people. The company says it was valued at $50 million during its last round of financing.

The company offers a way for any type of investor to access a world previously reserved for a few, with options ranging from the most traditional, such as real estate businesses, start-ups, logistics trucks and even cryptocurrencies.

SeSocio began with the ultimate goal of democratizing the field of investments. Its new commitment is Investoland, a network of decentralized investments built on Ethereum that will have its own token, the Inve Coin.

“This network will generate a change within the financial world, a revolution in investments, where the process is carried out from start to finish, without unnecessary intermediaries, in a transparent, fast, low cost and efficient way,” said a company statement.

SeSOcio will migrate its current operations to the Investoland network and take current projects to this model.

Guido Augusto Quaranta, CEO of the company, said an investment governed by smart contracts will work as follows:

A user sends the native currency (Inve Coin) to the project’s intelligent contract, and receives project tokens as return, which offers economic rights over it. By tokenizing the underlying investment, people can liquidate their investment without problems by searching for buyers on the network.

Added to this, the projects within SeSocio will have an integrated continuous liquidity mechanism, similar to that described in the Bancor Protocol. This continuous liquidity protocol will act as an automated market maker, allowing users to buy and sell project tokens through intelligent liquidity contracts at a price that is constantly adjusted to reflect supply and demand.

This protocol will be an addition to the trading platform and, in practice, it will operate as another user on the platform, constantly issuing buy and sell orders at the price determined by its price algorithm.

To achieve greater decentralization of trust, SeSocio will have its own social network based on economic incentives, where 5% of the gross commission of the company will be distributed among the best users of this social network chosen by them.

Using the smart contracts of the ethereum network and the blockchain technology Investoland will initiate a new era of financing and investments, allowing one of the most under-exploited markets to prosper, making it reach its maximum potential.

This story was originally published in Spanish at Cripto247