Nova Lifestyle Marries Education and Furniture with Blockchain

Announcements, Blockchain, FinTech, Innovation | May 11, 2017 By:

Nova LifeStyle, Inc., a California-based designer specializing in modern furniture that also runs an online classroom teaching blockchain technology, plans to create a platform that will incorporate its diverse businesses and potentially offer other products and services.

Nova’s collections of lifestyle furniture brands include Diamond Sofa, Colorful World, Giorgio Mobili, Bright Swallow and others. They feature what’s described as “urban contemporary styles” appealing to consumers who are “lifestyle-conscious middle and upper middle-income consumers,” according to the company website.

The company also has an odd second division in its offerings – online education.

Earlier this year, Nova reported a record number of new paying customers and student members signing up for Nova’s online and classroom-based blockchain programs. The number of sign-ups in March topped 2,000, which doubled the 1,000 who signed up in February. Nova LifeStyle has opened another new facility in Kwun Tong, Hong Kong, to accommodate the influx of students and will continue to evaluate additional opportunities.

The company also recently launched, an online transaction platform for customers and merchants to offer products and business services based on blockchain technology. It is also incorporating blockchain-based loyalty rewards as an addition to its present furniture business, in the coming months.

By using blockchain, Nova intends to create a platform to offer other potential products and services. The company said that it believes that the integration of the technology into its current business model is essential to future growth.

“We feel that blockchain technology is the next major advancement in business and we want to take full advantage of this opportunity,” said Nova LifeStyle CEO Tawny Lam. “We believe that with this rewards-based system, we will successfully utilize blockchain technology as another way to help grow the company. Embracing new, emergent technologies is very much in keeping with our corporate emphasis on innovation and trend-setting, and we expect the inclusion of blockchain programs to help accelerate our revenues.”