Poll of Coinbase Users Indicates Opposition to Miner Rule

Blockchain, FinTech, Opinion | July 21, 2017 By:

Religion, politics and the bitcoin scaling debate are sure to provoke a passionate argument. That’s why Bitcoin Core and Bitcoin Knots developer Luke Dashjr created a poll on the issue.

Participants are required to verify a Coinbase identity to register their input. But anyone can see the results.   

Dashjr’s poll is immune to the so-called “Sybil attacks,” wherein users create multiple identities to skew results. By requiring the Coinbase API – which uses a stringent know-your-customer process – the poll likely is a truer reflection of sentiments than most polls.

The survey covers such questions as BIP148, the user-activated soft fork, SegWit2x, governance issues and other questions surrounding the proposed block expansions.

One of the more interesting findings is opposition to bitcoin miners having the final say on protocol changes.