I Don’t Think Satoshi Nakamoto Was Saying We Need a Reg A and a Reg D – Opinion

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Before the implementation of the Securities Acts of 1933 and 1934, US capital markets were essentially governed by the ‘law of the jungle’ – conditions that led to the stock market crash of 1929. These laws significantly constrained the ability of non-accredited investors (those without significant income or net worth) to play an active role in the private markets,


ICO Spotlight: COTI Cryptocurrency Payment Network Aims At Transaction Times

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COTI is a cryptocurrency payment network that the COTI team hopes will solve problems inherent in current networks. Current crypto-payment networks are plagued by slow transaction times, price volatility, and lack of protection for buyers and sellers.

Some networks have tried to solve these problems by implementing DAG-chain (Directed Acrylic Graph) protocols.


International Monetary Fund Report: Crypto May Reduce Demand For Fiat

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The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has released a report on global monetary policy in the digital age with a key takeaway: cryptocurrency may one day reduce demand for central bank currency.”

The IMF report posits that cryptocurrencies could someday lower the demand for fiat currencies by creating a shift from “credit money to commodity money.”  The report is a significant sign that cryptocurrencies are gradually being accepted by traditional financial institutions as more than a passing fad.


Research Finds 68% Of Crypto Exchanges Don’t Follow KYC Verification – Report

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Research firm P.A.ID Strategies has released the results of its analysis into the on-boarding practices of cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges.

The research, commissioned by Mitek, a digital identity verification solutions firm, looked into whether prominent cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets across Europe and the US are using Know Your Customer (KYC) checks when on-boarding customers.


The Night Before EOS Debut Has Blockchain World Watching In Suspense

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It is one of the most hyped launches yet in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. And for a space that largely is built on hype, that’s truly saying something.

Barring any last-minute delays, EOS is expected to release its long-awaited mainnet tomorrow. The company arrives with a $4 billion warchest thanks to a record-long initial coin offering (which excluded US and Canadian investors,