Blockchain-Credentialing Provider Learning Machine Acquired By Hyland

Blockchain, Education, News | February 11, 2020 By:

Content services provider Hyland has acquired Learning Machine, an innovator in blockchain-anchored digital credentialing solutions.

Learning Machine is leveraging blockchain technology to authenticate documents and content. The Learning Machine Issuing System allows governments, companies, and educational institutions to issue blockchain records at scale,


Bitcoin Association Awards First Satoshi Nakamoto Scholarship To Cambridge PhD Student

Blockchain, Education, News | January 13, 2020 By:

Bitcoin Association, the global industry organization for the business of bitcoin, has announced its first “Satoshi Nakamoto Scholarship” to a 2nd year human genomics PhD student at Cambridge University.

The scholarship, named after bitcoin’s creator Satoshi Nakamoto, supports study and technological development of real world blockchain applications made possible by bitcoin’s original design,


PumaPay, Cointelligence Partner To Enhance Crypto Education

Education, News | October 18, 2019 By:

Blockchain-based payment system PumaPay is collaborating with crypto data research and analysis firm Cointelligence to make cryptocurrency and blockchain education accessible for everyone.

PumaPay, a subsidiary of Cyprus-based tech startup Decentralized Vision, offers an open-source, blockchain-based protocol that decentralizes a whole layer of transaction processing services.


Blockchain Education Alliance Launched By 13 Major Crypto Projects

Blockchain, Education, Group, News | October 11, 2019 By:

Blockchain accelerator MouseBelt has launched a new initiative to drive blockchain innovation through education, research, and entrepreneurship at top universities.

MouseBelt is an ecosystem that promotes blockchain innovation by supporting hands-on development for the projects, individuals, and emerging leaders that are pushing the industry forward.